Academic publications

Full PDFs of articles available upon request.

Raymond, C.W., Albert, S., Grothues, N., Henry, J., Marrese, O., Pielke, M., & Tom, R.G. (in prep.). The Corpus of Language Discrimination Interaction (CLDI). Manuscript, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Marrese, O. H., Chase. W. Raymond, Barbara. Fox, Cecilia. Ford, and Megan Pielke.
(2021). The grammar of obviousness: Gesture in argument sequences. Frontiers in Communication 6, Special issue on “The Grammar-Body Interface in Social Interaction.”

Marrese, O. H. (2021). The emergent construction of feminist identity in interaction. Pragmatics (31) 3. pp. 406-429.

Hirschey, O. (2018). Navigating conversations in childhood cancer treatment: Review of Uncertain Futures. Health Communication, 34(14), pp. 1845–1846.

Hirschey, O. and Dominic Klyve. (2015). The Missing Meditatio: Leonhard Euler’s (1707-
1783) contribution to articulatory phonetics. Historiographia Linguistica, 42(1). pp. 63-83.

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